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FAQ - Lodging
When do I need to register?
We recommend that you enroll at least four weeks before starting courses. This is even more important if you want to stay with a host family. Time is needed to find a family to match your needs.
What types of accommodation are available?
We organize accommodations with French-speaking host families. If you prefer a different type of accommodation, École Québec Monde can also provide assistance. The Accommodation Administration Fee is applied to all types of lodging. See the Fee Schedule for more details.
Are the arrival and departure dates of my stay must be the same as the dates of my courses?
Most students arrive the Sunday before courses start and leave their host family the Saturday after courses end. Any additional nights are billed at a rate of $45 a night.
Where are host families located?
Some families are located within walking distance of École Québec Monde. All can be reached by bus. Your bus ride might take 10 to 45 minutes depending on where your host family is located.
Who are the host families?
Our group of host families includes traditional and non-traditional families. We personally know each of our host families. For more information, see Our Host Families under the “Accommodation” tab.
Can I contact my host family before my arrival?
Certainly. We strongly encourage you to contact your host family as early as possible before your arrival. That way, you can be certain that there will be someone to welcome you. École Québec Monde will send you the email and telephone information for your host family as soon as your registration is confirmed.  
Can I change my host family?
Yes, you can change your host family. As indicated in Terms, Conditions and Policies, a fee is applied to all requests of change. In addition, unless it is an emergency, the change takes effect the Sunday following the reception of the request.