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Before courses start, how does École Québec Monde determine my French level?
All students take a written placement test on their first day at École Québec Monde. The test is followed by a face to face oral assessment.We use both the written test and interview to evaluate the level of the students so as to place each one of them in the relevant group or design the ideal study program in consideration of their needs and goals.
Please note: If there are fewer than three students for a level, École Québec Monde
        reserves the right to reduce the number of course hours per week.
How many levels of instruction are there at École Québec Monde?
There are 6 levels at École Québec Monde, ranging from Perfect Beginner (ÉQM 0) to Expert (ÉQM 5).
When should I start taking my courses?
The École Québec Monde calendar is available under the “Programs and Courses” tab. Please click to see the Calendar.
What training do your instructors have?
Each École Québec Monde instructor has a university degree in an area related to French or teaching and has language teaching experience.
After I have registered for a group course, can I add on some hours of individual instruction?
Yes. You can always add on extra hours of individual instruction. You will be billed for the extra hours requested. See the Fee Schedule for details.
If I do not know any French at all, can I register for courses?
Yes you can. Students with no knowledge of French - ÉQM Level 0 - need to consult the Calendar to know which dates are reserved for them. Please note that a typical EQM level 1 student knows a few words of French: the alphabet, numbers up to one hundred and some basic vocabulary.
What is involved in a typical course at École Québec Monde?
We put into practice all aspects of language learning with an emphasis on communication and oral comprehension. Group courses generally include the following key elements:
  • Guided exercises for oral expression and listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary and structures
  • Homework assignment and correction
  • Exercises for reading comprehension and written expression
  • Communication and oral expression activities
Will I get some sort of certificate at the end of the course?
Yes. Students receive a certificate indicating the name of the program and the number of hours completed.  Furthermore, students enrolled for at least 2 weeks also receive a qualitative assessment from their teacher. Both documents are signed by the director and the academic director, and by the teacher when applicable. Obtention of the certificate and the qualitative evaluation requires at least 80 percent attendance. See Terms, Conditions and Policies for details.