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FAQ - Registration
When do I need to register?
We recommend that you register at least four weeks before courses start. This is even more important if you want to stay with a host family. Time is needed to find a family to match your needs.
When to start an immersion program?
It is important to consult our Calendar before enrolling in a French immersion program. The perfect beginner students should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 0. Students from other levels should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 1 to 5.
How long does an immersion program last at École Québec Monde?
A program has no predetermined duration at our school. The lenght of your stay is at your own discretion. We do suggest a minimum of two weeks so that you get the most out of your language experience.

What are the Civic Holidays during which the school is closed?
Please take note that École Québec Monde is closed during the following Holidays:
  • New Year's Day - January 1st
  • Good Friday - The Friday preceding Easter
  • National Patriots' Day - The Monday preceding May 25
  • Québec National Day - June 24
  • Canada Day - July 1st
  • Labor Day - First Monday of September
  • Thanksgiving - Second Monday of October
  • Christmas - December 25
and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

When is my payment due?
Payment must be made in full 14 days before the start of French immersion courses at École Québec Monde. An initial payment must be made at registration if an entry visa for Canada is required. See Terms, Conditions and Policies for details.
How much does a French immersion stay at École Québec Monde cost?
The cost of an immersion stay is based on the program you select and the number of weeks you decide to study. See the Fee Schedule for details.
How do I register?
Since you are already on our website, the easiest way is to Register online now. You can also send in your registration form by fax, E-mail or mail making sure that you have filled in all the information requested.
What happens if I cancel my registration at École Québec Monde?
The cancellation policy is available at Terms, Conditions and Policies. Please read the section on cancellations.
What is the refund policy if I am refused entry by the immigration services?
For foreign students, an official letter of refusal from the Canadian Embassy is required for reimbursement. Please see the Terms, Conditions and Policies for more details.
Can someone meet me at the airport?
École Québec Monde offers an airport pickup service. It must be arranged when you register using the airport information section on the form. For additional information, see the Fee Schedule. Please note that a taxi ride from the Jean-Lesage airport to downtown costs approximately $35.
Do I need health insurance coverage to study at École Québec Monde?
Medical insurance is mandatory for all students of École Québec Monde. Canadian students are normally covered by their provincial health insurance. It is important to check, before departure from your province of residence, what is the procedure for reimbursement and compensation. Please note it is essential to bring your health insurance card. Non-Canadian students attending École Québec Monde must submit, before the start of classes, proof of the medical insurance contracted prior to departure. École Québec Monde offers the possibility to subscribe to its medical insurance plan at the time of registration.  It is also possible to do so, on site, upon arrival at the School.