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Life in Quebec — The Province and the City
The values and foundations of Quebec society
Quebec is a French-speaking society, a free and democratic society based on the rule of law and made rich by its diversity. Women and men are equal; they have the same rights and the same obligations. The Quebec state and its institutions are secular, their decisions and actions are independent of religious powers.
The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms is a fundamental Quebec law based on respect for the dignity of human beings.
For more information on life in Quebec, see the Quebec-Immigration website.
French language
The agency regulating Quebec French, the Office québécois de la langue française, promotes international French which observes all the rules of French while including some features specific to Quebec.
Cultural life in Quebec City
Quebecers love to fully take advantage of what their city can offer. Quebec City has a dynamic cultural life filled with activities. There is also a year-round schedule of outdoor shows. The city has many museums: Arts, History or Civilization, and is home to the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques, whose mission is to contribute to the promotion and development of a francophone culture in the Americas.
See the cultural activities section of the Useful Links on our website for a list of what’s happening in Quebec City.
Sports in Quebec City
All winter sports can be enjoyed in or around Quebec City.  You will find outdoor and indoor skating rinks along with trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and walking on the Plains of Abraham. Around Quebec, many alpine or cross-country skiing and snowboarding resorts await you in spectacular locations. Snowmobiling and dog sledding are also very popular.
The same goes for summer sports. Trails for biking, walking and rollerblading have been set up and are easily accessible from downtown. Quebec City being located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, you can enjoy water sports such as canoeing, windsurfing and swimming.
To help plan your French immersion stay, see the tourism section of the Useful Links tab.
Quebec Gastronomy
Quebecers enjoy a culinary tradition built from multiple cultural influences including French and Aboriginal, then British and Irish. Over the years, American, Asian, Italian and several other influences have been added. This flavorful mix gives extra zest to the traditional dishes from rural Quebec that are also part of the cuisine of contemporary Quebec.